Pittsburgh's Best Known Business Address Can Be Yours

Since 1993, Professional Suites has been providing value-added office and business service solutions to its clients. Most of our current clients have been with us since we opened.

Professional Suites clients include:

LAW OFFICES: Our proximity to the courts on Grant Street and in the US Steel Tower makes our location central for attorneys that are either seeking primary office space or a full-service downtown satellite office. Professional Suites word processing is used by attorneys in both cases as it provides the high-quality they demand for their legal documents.

BUSINESS OFFICES: Whether a small business or regional office to a larger corporation, Professional Suites combines a high-caliber address with high-value services to maximize our client's return on investment.

IDENTITY PACKAGES: Also known as Phantom Offices, Identity Packages provide the image of having an office without renting one. Identity packages provide access to Professional Suites services and conference facilities. This program also provides these clients with a US Steel Tower address and telephone number to enhance their presence in the city. This program is ideal for home-based or start-up businesses that want to project a more professional image without investing in office space.

Professional Suites specializes in supporting the business needs of professional practices and small businesses.